Monday, May 12, 2014


I have been teaching art for 9 years now (2nd-6th graders) and I am always amazed with a wide range of great ideas that kids come up with… Children's art is often experimental, strongly influenced by popular culture, yet it's thoughtful, engaging and inspiring. Not all art is beautiful and skillful, but it reveals to us a glimpse of big world of the children's imagination. This is where they dwell when they daydream.  Theirs is the world of dragons, fantastic vehicles, strange creatures, soft plush toys and Minecraft characters. Some of the artist's statements are very touching and eye opening and reveal the hidden meanings of their artwork.

There is a great place on line called CHILD'S OWN STUDIO where you can take your child's drawing and turn his or her art into a 3D keepsake masterpiece! 

Here is our recent art show with some of the highlights! Enjoy the tour!

All artwork © Copyright 2014 Dorota Quiroz

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