Sunday, April 17, 2016


My little LA LA world
The idea of my importance in the world always disappears when I travel... As an individual, just like everyone else, I carry my own world in my head and all the problems, joys, heartaches and mischiefs that come with it - all neatly packed in my cranial cavity. I am an individual with all sort of strings attached, family and friends, dreams, ambitions and failures, bad habits, good traits, or... good habits and bad traits, you make your pick...

Travel puts things in perspective

Yet, all this nonsense becomes secondary and obsolete in the scale of cosmic things, when the ratio of my world is shrank to a nanomilimeter in a direct proportion to the number of miles travelled.

Nonsense of my world
Miles travelled                     = Ego

Looking at my life from the top

Flying high above cumulus clouds, not being able to even see the traces of earthly terrain, my perception of what I mean in this world is greatly diminished and rather depressing. I become this tiny, insignificant, slow-crawling insect on a sidewalk of the world, avoiding getting squashed by the sandals of capricious external forces.

Am I an insect ready to be squashed?

Travel always teaches me a new lesson every single time I go away and this time the question posed during my recent escape was:


Discovering yourself while discovering new sites

The one important value of true travel is not only to discover new sites, but to discover yourself while being there.

This rather simple concept is rather shocking realization to my overfed obese ego living in its special "la-la world" where I am the queen. By traveling I'm removed from the comforts of my known matrix, where "court" habits, associations and comforts made me the center of my world, a gravitational black hole that sucks in everything around me.

Getting the right perspective

Travel is like a detox treatment, removing all the impurities of selfishness, shedding pounds of ego and looking at the world and yourself with a brand new healthy attitude.

Travel is a toast to life bigger than myself and I'm invited to raise my glass.

Travel is my snappy rubber band to yank me right back into long-term perspective of my own life.

Travel is recharging my understanding of myself as insignificant in the grand scale of time, space and relativity.

Looking at the grand scale of time, space and relativity

This cosmic "put down" is not meant to diminish my potential as a human being, but to remind me that in the scale of things, I need to live my live to the fullest. Neither the smallest of problems or one large tragedy of my life will be known or remembered by anyone in the distant future, but will only impede my life and distract me from my goal of achieving happiness.

Bump on the road in my  journey

Therefore, every time I'm faced with difficulties, I must step back as often as possible to refocus on what is important in grand scale of things and to get the right perspective to dismiss it as a small bump on the road in my journey.

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