Saturday, May 24, 2014

Looking for ... Alexander the Great

All photos © 2014 Dorota Quiroz
My eldest son Alexander (a.k.a. FELIX) is turning 25 years old today and, as a proud mother, I want to recognize what a great man he has become and claim a little bit of responsibility for upbringing such a fine human being.

He was an easy child to raise:
a good eater,
a clown when in a need of entertainment,
a dedicated athlete and a musician when performing in each field,
a skilled writer when creating science-fiction stories,
an independent thinker and
an a great soldier.

He inherited his mother's smarts and dry humor and his father's stubbornness and handsome looks.

I'm bragging as each mother does about the virtues of her son, for who else can do a better job than a proud parent? And, yet... ask anyone who knows him and he or she will vouch for his integrity, dedication, friendship and independence.

Having a chance to be his mom is one of the most important experiences of my life and that is why in my eyes he is my ALEXANDER THE GREAT!

Here is a photo essay of my beloved Felix! 
I love you my son! 

Alex @ 6 days before his birth

Alex @ 1 day

Alex @ 3 months

Alex @ 6 months
Alex @ 9 mos

Alex @ 1 year
Alex @ 2 years 

Alex @ 3 years

Alex @ 5 years

Alex @ 6 years

Alex with Grandpa

Alex with John, his brother

Alex @ 7 years

Alex @ 9 years

Alex @ 11 years

Alex @ 13 years

Alex @ 16 years




Alex and I

My Felix

Alex @ 22 years

Alex @ 25 years , with his wife and son

I am so proud of you! by Pam Fraser

I am so proud of you and the person you are becoming! 
 I have said it before and said it so many times.
I have noticed your accomplishments and seen the things you have done.
I will always reward you by showing my understandings, and to showing my love.
You don’t have to make me feel that you have to impress me

I will continue to tell you the do’s and the don’ts.
Sometimes I will nag at you, and I will never want you to give up on your stride.
So remember this, no matter what I will always love you, you have given me so much pride. 
That’s what I see in you.
I will continue to ask many questions and drive you out your mind,
but, that‘s what a mother suppose to do.

I think you’re courageous, sweet hearted, loving, caring and all the things I wanted in a son.
You are being so daring each and every day,

I am so proud of you!
When you think people don't understand and you think that you are dumb.
I hope by knowing this I am so you proud of you,
because you really do your best in everything you DO.

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