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My collage work began in 1999 when I was playing around with different media and searching for interesting imagery. The first images were layered with transparent film and merged with unconnected cut outs from books and magazines. I was looking on purpose for juxtaposition or unexpected combinations. The composition still leaves a lot to desire, but such is the process of learning! 
At this point I have only 2 of the collages that survived (see below)

"Reformation" by Dorota Quiroz 1999 ©

"Russia" by Dorota Quiroz 1999 © 
In 2004 or 2005 I saw in person one of Romare Bearden's exhibits in either Whitney Museum of American Art (or possibly at MET) in NYC. I was deeply impressed by his large collages.
There is the progress in his collages from chopped up, monochromatic chaotic pieces to more static colorful examples below (just 3 images from his large collection).

Pittsburgh Memory by Romare Bearden, 1964, Wiki paintings
The Family around the dining table by Romare Bearden, 1975, WikiPaintings
Mother and Child by Romare Bearden, 1980, WikiPaintings

"The making of a perfect woman" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©
I noticed that his organized chaos, unmatched shapes and disproportionate segments made the biggest impression on me. It was very intriguing for me to see CONTROLLED CHAOS. In my own art making, I found it hard to let the chaos in… Each of my images is very carefully thought out, arranged and pasted. There was no allowance for accidents. The only collage of mine that is a mere attempt of imitation of Bearden's courage to cut away without regret is "The making of a perfect woman". Many of my images are either religious in nature or have a combination of famous art juxtaposed with contemporary objects and textures. I this point in time, I was also developing my fascination with patterns and textures and collage was a perfect vehicle for this obsession. Enjoy the tour!

"Annunciation" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©
"The beauty and the beast" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Greek Bath" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Greek Figure" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Joan of Arc" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Luscious Renaissance" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Memorial to Grandmother" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

'Nuclear Pope" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Saint Agnes" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Salutation" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"The Sisterhood of Madame X" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Till death do us apart" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Vermeer Pattern" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Virgin and Whore" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

"Wolves" by Dorota Quiroz 2005 ©

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