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"Gdansk" by Dorota Quiroz, 2012
Nuremberg is the second city on my list that I adore. Gdansk is AND always will be my first one.

I spent 4 years in Nuremberg (1988-1992), lived in 7 different locations, walked its streets and enjoyed my new found life in the West. This is where I met my husband and where I delivered my 2 sons. It's very close to my heart and I dream of coming back to refresh my memories.

What I noticed in my travels in the early age is the unintended ignorance or lack of awareness about my surroundings.

The city of Albrecht Durer, Adam Kraft, Veit Stoss, Nurnberg Trials and delicious Nurnberger sausage was hardly on my mind when I lived there.

Defendants at Nuremberg Trials, courtesy of National Archives (USA), 1945

"Self portrait" by Albrecht Durer

During my stay there, I have never really purposely explored, observed, or read about any particulars until I left... What a shame! Don't take me wrong. I was sightseeing all the time, but without previous background or knowledge of history. I visited the castle, I walked the grounds of the Dutzendteich Park and its famous October Fest and Reichsparteitag grounds (where annual rally of Nazi Party took place), I shopped at the Christkindlmarkt, I spent quality time in the Green Goose Bar (rock bar) and wandered the streets of the Wall...

Is there a lesson to be learned? Absolutely! Explore the surroundings of your current location... do some research and find out what you missed while you are there, so you could actually make time to experience it yourself while you can!

"Nurnberg" by Dorota Quiroz, 2012

The planned trip to see old corners of this great city was planned for 2014 but had to be regretfully cancelled due to my unexpected move to Japan. I know though, that when I'm in Europe again, I will make a long awaited stop to bring old good memories back!

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