Wednesday, September 9, 2015


There are dogs and there are pugs!
There are pugs and there is LOLA!

Her Name was Lola, She was a showgirl by Barry Manilow

Pug is a special kind of breed: active, dedicated and eclectic as well as annoying, stubborn and even outrageously inconsiderate, especially when you need peace and quiet.

Lola, my love
Fat Pancho
Pancho and Lola, Son and Mother

Pancho and Lola

A pug snorts, snores and grunts with occasional wet spits, slobbers and soft licks. It is a walking sound machine...

Pancho, the curious pug

Pancho the Clown

Yet, despite of such striking contrast of characteristics, the pugs are so far the most adorable breed of dogs I have ever owned and nothing breaks my heart more than leaving my pug Lola, while traveling to and living in Japan for extended amount of time. 

Lola looking guilty

Lola inspecting grass
Lola, the beach bum

Lola sunbathing
Daddy's Favorite Girl!

Lola, the daughter I've never had 

Lola with her favorite Zombie
Lola, the pirate
I miss her loud snores, muted grunts, whizzing breaths and chocking coughs. I crave her sleepy blank stare and attentive gaze when being called to cuddle. I dream of the smell of her paws and extended stretches on the couch. Lola is always on my mind...
Lola, my walking companion

Lola, the porch bum
All those who ever owned or own pugs now can surely relate to my sorrow and feel my heartache... Lola was my walking companion, always by my side in a kitchen or sleeping in a chair waiting for her neck to be scratched... She is in good hands now, but I so wish she came along with me on my Pacific Adventures!

When I did some research on pugs, I found some lovely images in art of pugs and their adoring owners across the time. Here are some examples of pugs in art and photography.

A girl with a pug by Charles Burton Barber 

"Lola, the birthday girl" by Dorota Quiroz

"The Fountaine Family" by William Hogarth, 1730
George Selvyn by Reynolds
"Lola, exercising" by Dorota Quiroz

Richardson Brothers, 1901
This historical pug photograph is from "A Thousand Hounds"
by Raymond Merritt & Miles Barth Published by Taschen

"Princess Golitsyna" by Luis Michael van Ioo
"Lola, the wine enthusiast" by Dorota Quiroz

Vintage Boy with pugs

Pug Study 
Queen's pugs

For more pug art, please check out Nick Water's Website "The Pug: Heritage and Art"

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