Thursday, February 27, 2014


Penguin Books Ear Campaign
There is nothing like a transportation from point A to point B, physical or mental. My drive is 45 minutes long and while I travel through alternate routes as often as possible, my travel experience is destined to be habitual and boring. I long everyday to change my venue and be somewhere else, but with Monday through Friday required appearance at local school as an art teacher, I discovered a perfect recipe to ESCAPE every morning on my way to work. 

To alter this mundane task, I began to listen to audio books. At the beginning, I did that first to kill time and wasn't very picky about my reading selections. I listened to all kinds of stories: from self-help guides, history courses to classical writings and fiction.

The trick is to pick a story that will swallow you up and make you crave it every morning when you get into your car.. The longer the better! It has to be a story of another place, time or dimension. It must be able to kidnap your mind and your senses and take you away from everything else you know. It must capture your heart and break it. It must make you forget the lost time and bury it in a ground like a capsule.
Atlas Sculpture in the Rockefeller Plaza in NYC

I was able to find great audio book at my local library. "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand is such a book capsule for me  and with total of 50 audio CDs, I should be traveling far until spring break!

To find more great audio book titles, I would probably go to Good Reads, but as you know just because a large number of people vote for a book, there is no guarantee that it will float your boat. Give it a try and see if your sail fills up with the wind every morning and make you dream cruise for the rest of the day…

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